Meaning of the Iris

The name IRIS was inspired by the flower’s beauty and its ancient symbolism.   While the following illustrates the Iris’ meaning for coaching, the same principles also enable getting the best results from a consulting arrangment.

The Coaching Relationship ∼ To medieval Europeans, the three leaves of the Iris represented faith, wisdom, and valor. These three qualities are key in the coaching relationship:

Faith as trust between the coach and the client
The two-way sharing of wisdomand
The client’s valor as courage to change

Renewed Purpose ∼ South Asian cultures used the Iris to depict life and renewal, just as a coaching program offers a life affirming process that enables clients to move ahead with a deep sense of renewed purpose and direction.

Human Beauty & Strength ∼ The Iris flower comes in endless hues and sizes and as such is a celebration of diversity.  Considered a symbol of power by the ancient Egyptians, the Iris suggests the inner power that resides in us all ~ and the joy that comes with using it to transform our lives and our world.