Executive & Workplace Coaching

Executive & workplace coaching is sponsored by your agency or business to support you or your staff to develop as leaders and stronger players in the organization.   This is beneficial whether you or your staff member is an executive, specialist, team manager, administrator, in the front office or at the counter.  You may want to consider coaching  to help prepare yourself or your staff for new challenges — or to tackle a matter that is testing your own or a team member’s effectiveness (see sidebar).

The client’s boss can be invited at the beginning of the coaching process to suggest areas for development.  Once the coaching topic is established, we come to a 3-way (client, boss, coach) agreement that sets out the focus and length of the coaching program, expected results, and accountability provisions.  Conversations between the coach and client still remain strictly confidential and are subject to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

I also offer coaching in small groups, and will happily discuss whether this would be appropriate and cost-effective in your organization’s case.

 With Lynne Dee’s guidance I improved my leadership and communication style. My colleagues listen to me more readily and we are more effective as a team.”

Manager, municipal corporation